The Weeks Are Getting Shorter.

Well here we are another week gone by.  We went up to Lisbon to do divisions and to have me go do the death meeting.  It’s a meeting with the missionaries to give them some coaching on  how to succeed when they get back to real life.

Sister Anderson.

Sister Anderson.

Here is the presentation in a nutshell.  “Y’all gotta save money.  Here’s how you fill out a resume.  Here’s how you find a job”.   It was really awkward because there were only three of us.  But hey we got to go to Lisbon!

It was a lot of fun being with Sister Swain for the day.

Sister Swain

Sister Swain

Yesterday we had a funny lesson with the parents of one of the recent converts. The father was basically just kept bringing up the fact that his life was horrible and how could God let that happen to him when he was so good growing up.

We tried teaching him about the plan of salvation but he didn’t want to listen.  We decided to give them a Book of Mormon and told them the only person who can answer their questions is Heavenly Father.


My souvenir copy of the scriptures.

My souvenir copy of the scriptures.

We invited them to read and to pray about it so we’ll see what happens.  🙂

Hope everyone has a great week!


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