A Week of Crazy.

Well as all of you know, I was transferred down to Faro this last week!  Can I just say that the process of getting here was so annoying!

Faro, Portugal

So on Tuesday we woke up got all of my stuff together for my final flight off of the Açores and back to the mainland.  It is a two hour flight putting us in the airport in Lisbon at around 5:30-6:00 p.m.  We went to the mission office to grab the stuff I left on the continent when I first transferred out to the island (they only let you take one suitcase).  Then we then hoped a bus at 8:30 at night to go down to Faro… arriving at what time… that’s right 1:00 in the stinking morning on Wednesday!

My new companion Sister Conrad.

Needless to say we just put our PJs on and went right to bed.

Wednesday was the only fully day I got in my new area this week.  Thursday, we had to be on the bus again for Lisbon so that I could attend the Mission Council planned for Friday.  After the meeting was over, on Friday, it was back on the bus for four hours back to Faro.  It’s been a long week…

Mission Council April 2016

On Saturday we had a branch activity.  The members and missionaries got together and we went on a hike to the beach.  It was a really long day but a lot of fun!  I am loving being here in Faro.  The members are super nice and caring.

Jovens and Elder Sutton at the beach.

I was so grateful for the opportunity to get to watch Conference.  My favorite talks were those of Elder Stevenson, Elder Rasband, Elder Uchtdorf, and Elder Holland.  It was amazing to see how every time these men speak I always feel that they are speaking right to me!

I know that they are called of God as his special servants!  I’m so grateful to testify that I know this and that I know that God lives and He Loves his children!  Hope everyone has a great week!


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