The Faith of a Pilgrim

Hey everybody!

In conjunction with Lent, people here on the island are thinking about religion.  At this time every year, the Catholic Church of São Miguel sponsors a Romeiro (Pilgrimage).  To see a video of the Pilgrimage, click HERE.  The Pilgrims walk around the island and visit the various Catholic churches along the way.  In total, the trip is 240 km.   The Pilgrims pray and sing and chant along the way.  They make the trip around the island in eight days.  Traditionally, only men and boys participate in the Pilgrimage.  It is inspiring to see them wearing their crosses and capes and scarves.

We got a chance to see a group of pilgrims in Ponta Delgada on their way around the island this year.

Pilgrims at Ponta Delgarda

Pilgrims at Ponta Delgarda

As missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we have been trying to show faith like these Pilgrims.  We too have been doing lots of walking and lots of singing and contacting.

Faith in every footstep.

Faith in every footstep.

Maybe because Easter is coming up, people seem to be more inspired to let us in to talk.  They share with us their faith in the Catholic Church and we take the opportunity to share with them our testimony in Jesus Christ.  Lucky for us and for the Pilgrims, the weather has been pretty dry.

Last Monday we found a shop that makes pastries with Nutella.  We had Nutella crepe there.  It was really good.

Nutella Crepes.

Nutella Crepes.

That’s all I’ve got for the week! Have a great week this week!

Moonrise over Ponta Delgarda

Moonrise over Ponta Delgarda


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