Three is a magic number!

Hello everyone! This week has been a blast!

Sister Landbeck and I celebrated an awesome p-day together.  Then on Tuesday we welcomed Sister Luciano on our little piece of land 🙂  It’s been a really fun week that flew by very quickly!

On Thursday we visited Rejinaldo and played some checkers with him.  We lost miserably.

IMG_0067We also had a great experience on Sunday.  We were out working and we felt like we needed to visit a family that we had taught a few times.  Now keep in mind, we have been trying to get into this house for over a month.  But every time we went by there was a problem.  The son would open the door and say “Sorry, my mom is sick.  I can’t let you in”.

But today, she answered the door.  It turns out that she has had pneumonia and couldn’t leave the house.  We sat and talked with her for a little bit and we offered to bring back the Elders to give her a blessing.  She agreed to that so we started to make arrangements.  Luckily, at church that night we were having a movie night.  Everyone was getting together to watch Ephraim’s Rescue.  We finished the movie and the Elders went with us back to her house.  They gave her a great blessing and she said that she felt something different when they were blessing her.  She agreed to meet us again later in the week!! We are so excited to teach her and her family. 🙂  Hope everyone has a great week! 🙂

Cookie Time

Cookie Time


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