There Was Water Everywhere.

This has been a busy week.

Things started heating up at the Carnaval celebration on the Azores.  Just last week I said that we got to go see the celebration.  Well I spoke a little prematurely.  Just so the Brazilian missionaries don’t feel bad, we were warned off one day of the festivities.  After the day was over at about 7 or 8 o’clock, we went down to the touristy area of the city to investigate the carnage.

Balloon Fight-mageddon!

Balloon Fight-mageddon!

They had held a huge WATER BALLOON FIGHT.

We are told that the people throw limes and lemons as well, so we were warned not to go because the leaders didn’t want us to get hurt.  They had been using plastic baggies in place of water balloons.  There were plenty of baggies filled with water that were strewn all over.  We popped a bunch of them with our feet.  One of the baggies popped and splashed water in Sister Landbeck’s face. It was really fun.

On Wednesday, Sister Landbeck and I flew to Lisbon… again.


But it was worth it.  We went to hear Elder Timothy Dyches of the Seventy, who visited the mission.  He spoke to all the mission’s leaders.  We were blessed to hear him teach.  It was very uplifting.  🙂

Elder Dyches

This week flew by so fast!  After our quick visit to Lisbon, we had to hurry back to prepare for Matthew’s baptism.  He was baptized on Saturday.  It has been amazing to see him grow his testimony.  He has been so willing to learn.  We were able to feel the love of the branch here and how great everyone was to try and help him understand Portuguese.  I was so happy.  He is so blessed.


Then we closed out the week with transfers.  We found out last night that . . .  *drum roll*  I will be here on the Açores for one more transfer!!!  But it’s gonna be a little different because Presidente is putting us in a tripla! We are going to be receiving Sister Luciano tomorrow.  We are excited to meet her.

Love you all so much!!  Charlotte.

Cool Mural.

Cool Mural.


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