Everyone Came to the Island!

This week has been a big adventure!  President and Sister Tavares were visiting the island this week for Zone Conference.

While they were here, Sis. Landbeck and I had the opportunity to have Sis. Tavares go teaching with us.  We got to experience first-hand what an amazing woman she is.  We watched her as she taught the gospel to a family people we visit.  She gave a wonderful lesson.  I love her so much.  🙂

Sis. Tavares and Sis. Mills.

Sis. Tavares and Sis. Mills.

On Wednesday, we had our Zone Conference.  The start of the Conference was delayed four hours.  Some non-existent weather issues delayed the arrival of the missionaries coming from the island of Teirceira.  Even though we got a late start, it was still a great conference.  A member in the ward furnished some delicious food. And more than that, it was a spiritual feast.  🙂

Zone Conference January 2016

Zone Conference January 2016

As a Sister Training Leader, I get the opportunity to do divisions (splits) with the other Sisters in the Zone.  After conference was over, I went out working with Sister Doman.  It was a lot of fun 🙂

Sis. Doman and Sis. Mills.

Sis. Doman and Sis. Mills.

Friday was a noteworthy day as well.  We made plans to pass by the house of a woman we met in the street.  Regretfully, she wasn’t home.  So we did a little street contacting to fill the time.  We talked to the first person we found on the street.  We introduced ourselves but to our surprise, he started talking to us in a very thick British accent

“Oh, you girls found me again!” he said.

As we talked to him a bit he took the chance to explain what he meant.  He said that he had met the sisters in Portimao in the Algarve area.  Then Sister Landbeck just started spouting all this information at him.

“When you met the sisters, one was a curly blonde the other one African?  Weren’t you a member of the Jehovah’s Witness church?  Aren’t you the one who was going to be baptized?  What happened? Where did you disappear to?”

He was shocked that Sis. Landbeck knew who he was.  She told him,


It turns out that one of Sis. Landbeck’s past companions had taught him and had later told Sis. Landbeck all who he was and the progress he had made.  We walked him over to a bench and started talking.  He said that he was sorry that he had just walked away.  He said,

“Yeah, I knew it was true.  I knew it back then.   I just wasn’t ready.  But now I am.  The fight in me is gone.  I am ready to surrender myself completely to God and his will.”

It was wonderful to see his desire to follow Christ and His example.  More to come soon I pray.

Today we went to a spectacular place called Sete Cidades (Seven Cities).

Seven Cities. What a beautiful place.

Seven Cities. What a beautiful place.

These are twin lakes that are in the crater of a dormant volcano.

Sete Cidades

Sete Cidades

One of the lakes is blue and one is green.  The lakes come together at one point separated only be a narrow strip of land.  It is so beautiful!

Great Sunset on the Island.

Great Sunset on the Island.



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