Our Lesson in Faith.

Tuesday the fog rolled in.  Lots and lots of fog.

Fog on the Azores.

Fog on the Azores.

It’s not that fog is so bad.  You have to have a lot of faith as a missionary.  But you have to have extra missionary faith when you go out in the fog to find people who are interested in hearing the message of Jesus Christ.  That is particularly true on the Azores. . .on a side street. . . that doesn’t have any sidewalks.

Sis. Landbeck and Sis. Mills contacting on Sao Migeul.

Sis. Landbeck and Sis. Mills contacting on Sao Migeul.

I have to admit, it gets pretty scary not knowing what vehicle might be headed your way in the fog.  Extra prayers said week.

In spite of the obstacles, we stayed out working.  We set some goals and promised ourselves an incentive if we continued to contact this week.  Sis. Landbeck and I agreed that that we would go and eat pizza at this one place that is really delicious!  Guess what?  We made our goal.


We had the opportunity to visit one of the church members.  She is older and sick and is not at church as often as she would like to be.  Hopefully we brought her a little ray of joy.

On Friday we had a missionary family home evening.  After the lesson, we had a game.  The game requires two players, a table and a ping pong ball.  The object of the game is to blow the ping pong ball into the other player’s goal.  In true competitive missionary fashion, Sister Landbeck and Elder Foutz faced off.  They both blew so hard both of them almost passed out.


Yep!  We went and served the Lord this week and it was great!  Have a great week everyone!


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