Just Another Day in Paradise

Well the news is in.  It’s now officially 2016!  WOO!!! 2015 was great but as the Phineas and Ferb full theme song says, “And the forecast says that tomorrow will likely be a million and six times better.” So 2016 is going to be great!

President didn’t want us out late.  But I admit that we watched the firework show in the harbor from our balcony window.  It was really really cool!

Fireworks over the harbor from our Balcony at Ponta Delgada

Fireworks over the harbor from our Balcony at Ponta Delgada


We have a family here on the island who basically just kidnapped us for the holidays.  For Christmas we ate at their house on Christmas Eve.  They fed us again on Christmas Day.  Then the same thing happened for New Years.  They brought us dinner for New Years Eve.  Then they invited us over for lunch on New Year’s Day.  We had a lot of fun and I learned to play chess. (I suck but that’s to be expected).


Also big big news. For this transfer I am staying here in Ponta Delgada, but with a twist. I am going to be the Sister Training Leader here on the Azores.  I will be responsible for the sisters in my zone.  I get to go out and do splits with them and help them with their work.  I’m so excited for this new calling.


That’s all the news I have for this week! BOA ANO NOVO!


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