Ho Ho Ho!! Merry Christmas.

Christmas week was great.  It was a lot of fun preparing for Natal.  Everyone was happy and welcomed our caroling. That was a plus!  Christmas Eve morning we went out teaching people like we normally do.  Suddenly we heard what sounded like bag pipes.  Sister Landbeck and I looked at each other and decided to investigate.  It turns out it was the local stilt club conducting a Christmas walk-about out with their little elf band.  We asked for a picture and they kindly accepted.  And I thought I was short!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

We spent Christmas Eve at a member’s house and we were back over there for lunch the next day.  It was just leftovers from the night before but it was equally delicious a second time.

Daniela with her puppies.

Daniela with her puppies.

We even got to teach a lesson on Christmas.  We taught a cute young couple with their two little boys.  We shared some of our sugar cookies with Christmas-red frosting and sprinkles on them.  The younger boy scraped off the frosting with his teeth and it looked like he had just started bleeding from his mouth.  Everyone was entertained.

Then we passed by the house of a recently returned missionary and her family for dinner.  We had fun singing and her dad taught me a couple of chords on the guitar!!

We even had enough time to stop by the church to talk to the family via Skype.  A big crowd gathered in Las Vegas to say, Hi!

Christmas Skype.

Christmas Skype.

The rest of the week passed by normal, not a lot to report.  Today we went on a little adventure to this place called Capelas.  Lots of great scenery.  I ran out of time.  I had to send a lot of Christmas greetings to everyone who emailed me.  I’ll send more pictures next week.

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone.  Don’t get too tipsy on your sparkling apple cider! Love you guys!


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