‘Twas the Week before Christmas. . .

Well hello there family and friends. This week leading up to Christmas has been an absolute blast.

A Store Display.

A Store Display.

I have to begin with last week.  We experienced a massive rainstorm. The waves were breaking over the harbor wall. It was pretty crazy.

Crazy Waves.

Crazy Waves.

On Wednesday we had an amazing thing happen.  We were walking to a lesson appointment when out of the blue a man jumped up off this little bench and yelled in English “Hey The missionaries!!!! I found you guys!!!!”

Needless to say Sister Landbeck and I were really confused.  He explained that he was a member from Canada who had moved to Portugal.  He was having difficulty in finding the church. We gave him the address to the chapel and left him with our phone number in case he got lost.

As the week went on, the bad weather continued.  We had to go home several times during the week to change our wet cloths.  This is not the time to get hypothermia.  (Yes I do have a raincoat and I have been using it.  But the water still manages to seep in through the seams of the coat and the bottoms of my skirts are still really exposed).

This door was made just for me!  Exactly the right height.

This door was made just for me! Exactly the right height.

I also got a really cool Christmas gift this year.  When we were out caroling, a woman answered and invited us in.  We talked for a few minutes and she said that she had taken the discussion in the past.  When she started talking, I assumed that it had been maybe two or three years ago.  We asked her if she had a copy of the Book of Mormon.  She said the Elders gave her a copy and after a little hunting she found her copy.

But when I looked at it, it wasn’t a nice neat new Book of Mormon.  Instead, it looked like a copy that was one of the first Portuguese copies.  I smelled like mothballs.  She said that she had been taught by the Elders over twenty years ago.

As I was admiring the old copy she just asked “Do you want to keep it?” We said no, but we can do a trade.  So we gave her a new copy and kept the old one.

We also had the ward Christmas party this week.  ‘Twas a lot of fun!  I made sugar cookies and we even had a visit by Pai Natal.  🙂

The primary program.

The primary program.

Well that’s all I got this week! Remember If you remove the last syllable of Christmas we have Christ. Remember him and keep his spirit all year.  🙂  Merry Christmas everyone 🙂


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