I REPEAT PORTUGAL IS GETTING A TEMPLE!!!!  Well here we are folks.  It is more than five years since the announcement that a temple would be built in Portugal.  The time is fulfilled.  On December 5, 2015, we watched the ground breaking ceremony for the beginning of construction.  It is a day of great blessings for the Portuguese members. We didn’t get to attend in person.  Instead, we got to watch on closed circuit TV broadcast to the chapel.

LDS Newsroom put out a video on the Groundbreaking.

Here is a wonderful infographic about how we build temples.

Building a Temple.

Building a Temple.

Since the church was opened for missionary work, faithful Portuguese members have had to go to great lengths and sacrifices to attend the temple.  By plane it is several hours.  By car or bus, it might be days.  Many still have not had the blessing to attend due to the financial and time constraints.  But at last, the day will soon come that all worthy Portuguese members will be able to readily obtain the blessings that the temple has to offer.

Check out some of these great photos.

Elder Moreira and Elder Kearon Happy family attends Lisbon Temple Groundbreaking Elder Kearons Speaks Lisbon Temple Complex Choir Performs at Groundbreaking Elder Kearon Greets Members Lisbon

Not so historic, but definitely noteworthy, Sister Landbeck had her birthday this week! Happy Birthday Sis. Landbeck.  She turned twenty.  Big celebration?  Absolutely.  We went out and bought Brazilian burgers.  Twas quite delicious I must say.


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