Happy Week Before Thanksgiving Everyone!

This week has been great!  We had a wonderful opportunity to serve a member of the ward and her daughter Monica.  Prior to my arrival the sisters contacted Monica.  She gave them her name and address but when the missionaries stopped by she didn’t have time for them.  Since my arrival, we tried to contact her again.  Every time we went she did not want to talk to us.  Sometimes she would close the door without saying anything or just wouldn’t open the door in the first place.

But this week she finally she opened the door to us and invited us in.  She shared with us that her mother is a less active member who we did not know.  Monica and her mother both felt the impression that they needed something more in their lives.  We shared with them the video called The Hope of God’s Light.

Both Monica and her mom felt the spirit when we showed them the message.  A few days later and she opened the door again and we shared the showed the video entitled The Restoration.

Again, the spirit was there and testified to them.  I loved it.

There is no formal Thanksgiving celebration like the United States.  So the missionaries had their own Thanksgiving dinner with the members.  We had loads of preparation to do.  It was fun to serve.


The Missionaries in the Azores

IMG_0033 (1)

Thanksgiving Preparations.


Let’s get the party started!

IMG_0061 (1)

No dessert before dinner!

The members prepared a Powerpoint with the word Thanksgiving!  Underneath was the translation in portuguese (Dia acao da gracas).  Somehow it lost something in the translation.

We played games.  Elder Mubai told us all a riddle.  I was the first one to figure it out.  After a while others started to figure it out.  But all the while the others were whispering to me, “Psst Sister. What`s the answer?”  It was really fun.

I learned that the way to win the heart of anyone from Portugal is to make them Rice Krispie Treats!  Seriously.  I brought a giant bowl of them to Thanksgiving dinner and there were only three left at the end of the night. Maybe I’ll make a batch every day and take them with me when I go contacting.  It was great.

Today was transfers again and *Drum roll please* I`m still here in the Azores!  But I`ve changed comps!  I had to say so long to Sister Neves.  I am now serving with sister LANDBECK!!!!



I do not know why the Azores like people from Setubal so much.  Sister Neves was the first sister from Setubal to come here.  Then I came and now Sister Landbeck!  But we`re here!!!!

This transfer day was crazy though.  Sister Neves forgot her passport at the house.  We didn´t realize until we were at the airport.  We had to turn around and go back to the house to get it.  Even though she missed her plane, there was another one she could take.  It was crazy and frustrating at the same time 🙂  Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Now we can move on to Christmas!!!



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