Another Year Has Come And Gone . . .

Well here we are.  One year ago I left my family for a year-and-a-half to serve the Lord.  That time has flown by.  I have only six months left here in Portugal.  It is really amazing to see how much change has happened over the last year.  Never did I think I would be preaching on such a beautiful island.  It has also been very uplifting to see the change in those who have entered the waters of baptism.

On my one year anniversary, Sister Neves was really nice to me.  She made me breakfast and we did a bunch of fun things together as we did our work.  🙂

My One Year Anniversary Breakfast.

My One Year Anniversary Breakfast.

We also had a baptism this weekend!  What a blessing for Milu.  She is from Cape Verde but has been living on the island of São Miguel for five years.  She rents from a member named Fransico.  Many sets of missionaries have come and gone.  Both Elders and Sisters have offered to teach her.  But she showed no interest.  In addition, she had a work schedule that was not at all conducive to coming to church on Sunday.  For years, she couldn’t get Sundays off.

Sis. Mills, Sis. Neves, Milu and Fransico.

Sis. Mills, Sis. Neves, Milu and Francisco.

She just recently showed some interest.  She exercised faith and found a way to move here work schedule so that she could come and worship.  We were so excited and she was so happy along with Fransico.  It was truly amazing.  🙂


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