I Have A Feeling We’re Not In Portugal Anymore.

Well that’s not exactly true. But sometimes I feel like it is. Everything is so different here on the Azores. The weather is not completely bad, just a little more rainy. The members are so kind. I feel like I’m at home. Not much happened this last week. But I don’t really care because I’m living in paradise.

It is a struggle some days.

It is a struggle some days.

We are in the little branch of Ponta Delgada on the island São Miguel. There are two other companionships of Elders. It’s a lot of fun! One of the things that has been super hard about working here is the fact that they speak a language that seems completely different from Portuguese. The natives have such strong accidents. It is Portugese mixed with French. It is the hardest thing ever too understand. Thankfully, the members of the branch are nice enough to slow down and try to keep their accents to a minimum. But non-members . . . WOOF!  I’m having such a hard time keeping up with what everyone is saying.



But again, I have to look on the upside. It is really, really pretty here!! Compared to the mainland, island life is really slow. That is true except for my companion, Sister Neves. She just runs from house to house. She is wearing me out. When I get home I am completely exhausted. But that’s okay. Because I am living in paradise!



Contacting on the Azores!

Contacting on the Azores!

L to R.  Joana, me, Minda and Sis. Neves.

L to R. Joana, me, Minda and Sis. Neves.



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