Well, I really am preaching in a postcard now. . .

It is transfer time again.  And where did I end up?… *Cue the drum roll*  THE AZORES!!!!!!!!! WOOOO

I’m on an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.  It’s is about 1,024 miles from Lisbon to the Azores.  Only a two and a half hour plane ride from Lisbon.  I had wanted to serve on the island and this is a dream come true.  I am serving on São Miguel Island which the most populated island of the Azores archipelago.

It is the prettiest place ever!  In addition to being a great place, I will have Sister Neves as my companion!!!!  I served with her in Miratejo.  We weren’t companions, but we shared the same apartment.

Sis. Neves and me.

Sis. Neves and me.

Before heading out on my transfer, we had just finished up a great week.  It was Elder Welch’s birthday on October 8.  We used all of the party decorations that Sister Nielsen and I got in our birthday boxes to have a joint celebration.  It was a lot of fun!  We also had a baptism on Saturday.  Jose is a choice son of our Heavenly Father.  We were going through the park one day and were inspired to talk to him.  He accepted our invitation for baptism and was baptize two weeks after receiving the first discussion.  It was really great.  He is super humble and very quiet!

Sunday and today were very hectic.  We got a call during church that I needed to pack my bags packed because I would be leaving Sunday night.  We took the train into Lisbon where I was told that I was going to the Azores.  The plane was scheduled to leave at stinking 4:30 in the morning on Monday.  That kinda sucked.  But I got to the airport on time.  I got to the apartment at about 8:00 a.m., which was really 7:00 a.m. because there is a one hour time difference.  I was exhausted and Sis. Neves let me sleep for bit and then a member took us to the other side of the island with so many things!  Cliffs, the ocean and waterfalls!  It was so cool!!!!!! Here’s some pictures of the prettiness!

Elder Hansen, Bruno, Sister Neves, me and Elder Kaelber.

Elder Hansen, Bruno, Sister Neves, me and Elder Kaelber.

I’ve got to get a new camera because someone stole mine.  Other missionaries shared their photos with me so I could post these up.  I will get out and get one right away so that I don’t want to miss all of the really beautify scenery that I will have on the island.


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