This Week Was Full Of Miracles

Monday was my Companion’s official Birthday.  I mentioned that in last week’s post just as I was closing.

However, Tuesday we celebrated her birthday a second time because one celebration is never enough.  Especially where Lorenço throws the party, which means lots and lots and lots of food and sparkling apple cider.

Happy Birthday Sis. Nielsen

Happy Birthday Sis. Nielsen


Wednesday we bought bus passes!!!! It is the greatest thing in the world.  We used to walk 30 minute walk to our area.

Those white spots in what looks like a layer cake are dates.

Those white spots in what looks like a layer cake are dates.


Thursday, jump on the bus and it is a 5-10 minute bus drive to the area.  We are saving so much time and it is really cool.

Friday, we have a chance to meet new people while riding on the bus!!!

But Saturday.  That is when the miracles really started.  We made it our goal to have 11 contacts before the end of the day.  Saturday morning we planned everything out.  We marked our calendars with plans and more plans and back-up plans and back-ups to our back-up plans to make sure we made all 11 contacts.

By the end of the day, despite our best plans, everything had fallen through.  We still needed 11 contacts but it was time to start heading home.  Before we headed out, we stopped and prayed.  We were looking for a miracle.  We prayed that we would find 11 contacts on the way home.  We started walking and immediately ran into two people.  They accepted our card but obviously didn’t want to talk.  We spoke to a third person who talked to us but only wanted to talk about his trip to Brazil… literally we heard EVERYTHING.  The funniest thing was that he was from Germany.  He was so much taller that just about everyone in Portugal and definitely taller than me.  He kept bending over to try and figure out how tall I was!  I tried really hard not to laugh.  After standing and listening to him talk for about ten minutes we told him that we were on our way home and needed to get there on time.  We were able to get his address!  Then, even before we had even left our area we were able to get the rest of our contact. *Miracle*

The second miracle of the week was Sunday.  We were trying to help one of our friends get to church.  At 9:30 a.m., we started trying to reach her to remind her about church at 10:00.  We called and called and called but nothing happened.  Then we went to her dad’s house.  She wasn’t there.  Off we went to her mom’s house.  She got up and went with us to church.  We were only about 45 minutes late.  But she made it.  *Second Miracle*

Later that same day we had the same problem as Saturday.  Everything that we had planned wasn’t working.  It felt like we were walking around in circles and rummaging through our planners for addresses of people to visit.  Sister Neilsen said a prayer in her heart that before the end of the day we would be able to have a sitting lesson.  No sooner than she said Amen we got a text from someone that we had contacted.  She asked us to could come over to her house.  At this point we were both starving because we forgot to bring a snack in our bags.  With it being Sunday and all we wanted to honor the Sabbath and not buy anything from a cafe.  On the way, we both talked about how nice it would be if she offered us food.  After the lesson was over she just said, “You guys need something” and then went and got us cookies.  “Third Miracle.*

This whole week has been a real testimony builder to see how Heavenly Father loves and cares for his children.  Tchau!

This is what the date layer cake looks like whole.

This is what the date layer cake looks like whole.



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