Prayers Are Answered!

Hello my amazing friends and family!!!

This week has been incredible.

At the beginning of the week, I was a bit sad being without my old companion Sister Harper.  But after a few days, my new companion and I began seeing the hand of our Heavenly Father in the work.  For the last few months, Sister Harper and I had been praying and fasting to find families that we could teach, families that would be ready to take the lessons and progress.  But during that time it seemed like no one was listening or progressing.  However, Sister Harper and I were laying the groundwork.  This week, we have been led to so many people that have a lot of potential.  I know that none of this would have happened if we had not been obedient and if the Lord hadn’t been there.  I have no clue what changed but one thing I do know; it is Heavenly Father that has been helping us this whole time.  With His help we were able to make all but two of our key indicator goals this week!  It was wonderful to see all of the miracles this week!  We are going to Troia again today.  It is gonna be fun!

Love yall!

Pic of the week:

I reorganized my picture wall!




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