My Kinder Egg Future Is Looking Bright!



All week, Sister Harper and I have been running around our area doing heart attacks on the doors of members.  We want them to remember that they are loved.  We may or may not have started singing the mission impossible theme as we were doing it.  While on the topic of service, for p-day last week we decorated one of the primary class rooms.  It reminded us of a prison.  We put up a lot of pictures and made a plan of salvation diagram.  It turned out really cute 🙂




Before . . . Prison.




After . . .Paradise!

And if you remember, a few weeks ago, the sisters did a dinner for us.  We decided to repay the favor.  We did a spa night for them 🙂  It was the first time Sister Neves ever let anyone give her a foot massage!


We had a funeral this week, our dearly beloved Elder De Cesare.  He has returned to his home.  We will all miss him and feel his fault.  (“Feel his fault” is a Portuguese phrase).  He is being released on this transfer.

This week celebrated Frango Friday but it was a special celebration.  On the last Frango Friday before a transfer, we normally buy each other Kinder Surprise Eggs.  If you don’t know Kinder Surprise Eggs, they are a hollow milk chocolate egg with a little toy or prize inside.

Kinder Suprisa

We pretend to tell each other’s future based upon the prize that the recipient finds inside.  We searched high and low to find them, but all we could find were Kinder Joys.  They’re good but the toys are not as good as the ones you’ll get in the Surprise Eggs.

Kinder Joy

Kinder Joy

So we all got a toy and we did our best to tell the future with these substitute eggs.  Sister Harper got a bicycle so we predicted she was going away.

Sis. Harper.

Sis. Harper.

We predicted that Elder Jimenez would be a trainer and would get a green Elder as his companion because his toy was a green tennis racket.

Elder Jimenez

Elder Jimenez

Poor Elder De Ceasre doesn’t have a future after the mission because he got a motorcycle with two parts didn’t even fit together.  (A factory defect of some sort.).


Elder De Ceasre. Yes. That is a sock on his ear.

I got a bird with a parachute.  They all predicted that I would get a new companion and we would baptize a lot of people because the bird was predicted to land in the water.

Parachute Bird!

Parachute Bird!

The Kinder Egg prediction for Sister Harper came true.  Sister Harper left me here all alone in Setubal… That is until I got my awesome new comp Sister Neilsen!

Sis. Nielsen.

Sis. Nielsen.

If my Kinder Egg future comes true, we are going to see a lot of success here and it’s going to be a really good transfer!

That’s all I’ve got for this week!

Amo voces!  Tchau.


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