At least I’m not dead…or dying.

Hello family and friends!

This last p-day was a blast!  We played football (or soccer) with the young men in our ward.  They had two ringers on their team who were friends visiting from Holland.  My strategy was to stand in the background and stayed out of everyone’s way until I knew I could at least try to steal the ball from someone.  Sometimes I succeeded and others times not so much.  I was no match for those guys.  They have all been playing since they day they could walk.  I never had played before except for the lame football games we played in P.E. Class.  My volleyball instincts kept on kicking in.  Sister Harper threatened to tape my hands to my sides but in the end it was not necessary.  It was a lot of fun but Sister Harper and I felt like death the next day.  Sore was in full force…


On Wednesday we had an experience that I have never had happen before.  We were walking to another appointment.  We were running a little late when we heard footsteps running up behind us.  A lady yelled.  “OI!!! ESPERA!!!!!!”  We both stopped and turned around to see a woman running towards us.  Sis. Harper had contacted her once before I arrived in Setubal.

Mara said:  A long time ago you guys gave me a card but I lost it.  I want to know if you guys go to people’s homes to talk with them.

Us:                 Yes

Mara:            Can you come over tomorrow? I’m looking for something to fill this empty space in my heart.

Us                  Yes.  When do you want us to come over?”

We set an appointment with her and planned to go with a returned missionary member. However, an hour before we were to leave, she called us to tell us that she wasn’t going make it.  She had an interview with someone. But she did want us to set an appointment for another day.

Appointments fall through all the time.  So we try to have a backup plan.  We started heading toward our backup destination.  But less than 20 minutes after the first call, she called back and said that the interview fell through and could we come over anyway.  We rushed over to her house.  *Wipe sweat off the brow*  She was there ready to hear the message.  We had an amazing first lesson!  She really is elect.  We are just praying that she will take the time to find the truth for herself, that this gospel really can help fill the hole in her heart.

On Thursday before our meeting with Mara we took the time to organize our area book.  It took the whole morning.  We got a little stir crazy but it was worth it!

Stir Crazy

Stir Crazy


On Friday I went to the doctor’s office to get my knees checked out.  They have been hurting me.  I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t dying or anything.  Good news!!  I’m not dying.  I just have bad cartilage that is not handling the stress of walking everywhere and running at the same time. I can’t possibly imagine why.  He gave me some meds to get me better.  So I hope we’re all good!

Saturday we went to a Brazilian Buffet with everyone.  Now that was delicious!!

Sunday, we had a baptism! Tatiana is the sweet daughter of a member.

Nos e Tatiana.

Nos e Tatiana.

She is ten years old.  It seemed like she was not paying much attention to what we were teaching.  But when we told her that she to have an interviewed to get baptized, suddenly, she sat up and paid more attention to what we were saying.  Thankfully she got her head on straight and passed her interview and was baptized!  Woo!

That’s all I got for this week!!



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