My Kinder Egg Future Is Looking Bright!

My Kinder Egg Future Is Looking Bright!



All week, Sister Harper and I have been running around our area doing heart attacks on the doors of members.  We want them to remember that they are loved.  We may or may not have started singing the mission impossible theme as we were doing it.  While on the topic of service, for p-day last week we decorated one of the primary class rooms.  It reminded us of a prison.  We put up a lot of pictures and made a plan of salvation diagram.  It turned out really cute 🙂




Before . . . Prison.




After . . .Paradise!

And if you remember, a few weeks ago, the sisters did a dinner for us.  We decided to repay the favor.  We did a spa night for them 🙂  It was the first time Sister Neves ever let anyone give her a foot massage!


We had a funeral this week, our dearly beloved Elder De Cesare.  He has returned to his home.  We will all miss him and feel his fault.  (“Feel his fault” is a Portuguese phrase).  He is being released on this transfer.

This week celebrated Frango Friday but it was a special celebration.  On the last Frango Friday before a transfer, we normally buy each other Kinder Surprise Eggs.  If you don’t know Kinder Surprise Eggs, they are a hollow milk chocolate egg with a little toy or prize inside.

Kinder Suprisa

We pretend to tell each other’s future based upon the prize that the recipient finds inside.  We searched high and low to find them, but all we could find were Kinder Joys.  They’re good but the toys are not as good as the ones you’ll get in the Surprise Eggs.

Kinder Joy

Kinder Joy

So we all got a toy and we did our best to tell the future with these substitute eggs.  Sister Harper got a bicycle so we predicted she was going away.

Sis. Harper.

Sis. Harper.

We predicted that Elder Jimenez would be a trainer and would get a green Elder as his companion because his toy was a green tennis racket.

Elder Jimenez

Elder Jimenez

Poor Elder De Ceasre doesn’t have a future after the mission because he got a motorcycle with two parts didn’t even fit together.  (A factory defect of some sort.).


Elder De Ceasre. Yes. That is a sock on his ear.

I got a bird with a parachute.  They all predicted that I would get a new companion and we would baptize a lot of people because the bird was predicted to land in the water.

Parachute Bird!

Parachute Bird!

The Kinder Egg prediction for Sister Harper came true.  Sister Harper left me here all alone in Setubal… That is until I got my awesome new comp Sister Neilsen!

Sis. Nielsen.

Sis. Nielsen.

If my Kinder Egg future comes true, we are going to see a lot of success here and it’s going to be a really good transfer!

That’s all I’ve got for this week!

Amo voces!  Tchau.


At least I’m not dead…or dying.

Hello family and friends!

This last p-day was a blast!  We played football (or soccer) with the young men in our ward.  They had two ringers on their team who were friends visiting from Holland.  My strategy was to stand in the background and stayed out of everyone’s way until I knew I could at least try to steal the ball from someone.  Sometimes I succeeded and others times not so much.  I was no match for those guys.  They have all been playing since they day they could walk.  I never had played before except for the lame football games we played in P.E. Class.  My volleyball instincts kept on kicking in.  Sister Harper threatened to tape my hands to my sides but in the end it was not necessary.  It was a lot of fun but Sister Harper and I felt like death the next day.  Sore was in full force…


On Wednesday we had an experience that I have never had happen before.  We were walking to another appointment.  We were running a little late when we heard footsteps running up behind us.  A lady yelled.  “OI!!! ESPERA!!!!!!”  We both stopped and turned around to see a woman running towards us.  Sis. Harper had contacted her once before I arrived in Setubal.

Mara said:  A long time ago you guys gave me a card but I lost it.  I want to know if you guys go to people’s homes to talk with them.

Us:                 Yes

Mara:            Can you come over tomorrow? I’m looking for something to fill this empty space in my heart.

Us                  Yes.  When do you want us to come over?”

We set an appointment with her and planned to go with a returned missionary member. However, an hour before we were to leave, she called us to tell us that she wasn’t going make it.  She had an interview with someone. But she did want us to set an appointment for another day.

Appointments fall through all the time.  So we try to have a backup plan.  We started heading toward our backup destination.  But less than 20 minutes after the first call, she called back and said that the interview fell through and could we come over anyway.  We rushed over to her house.  *Wipe sweat off the brow*  She was there ready to hear the message.  We had an amazing first lesson!  She really is elect.  We are just praying that she will take the time to find the truth for herself, that this gospel really can help fill the hole in her heart.

On Thursday before our meeting with Mara we took the time to organize our area book.  It took the whole morning.  We got a little stir crazy but it was worth it!

Stir Crazy

Stir Crazy


On Friday I went to the doctor’s office to get my knees checked out.  They have been hurting me.  I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t dying or anything.  Good news!!  I’m not dying.  I just have bad cartilage that is not handling the stress of walking everywhere and running at the same time. I can’t possibly imagine why.  He gave me some meds to get me better.  So I hope we’re all good!

Saturday we went to a Brazilian Buffet with everyone.  Now that was delicious!!

Sunday, we had a baptism! Tatiana is the sweet daughter of a member.

Nos e Tatiana.

Nos e Tatiana.

She is ten years old.  It seemed like she was not paying much attention to what we were teaching.  But when we told her that she to have an interviewed to get baptized, suddenly, she sat up and paid more attention to what we were saying.  Thankfully she got her head on straight and passed her interview and was baptized!  Woo!

That’s all I got for this week!!


The Miracle of the Fast!

Ola tudo mundo!!

This week was really great! Last week p-day we had an visit to Troia where we built sandcastles, attacked each other with ocean water and messed with the dead jellyfish that had swept up on shore.  There were hundreds of them!

Our day at Troia Beach.  (Left to right) Back: Elder Jiminez, Elder Jensen Front: Elder Martinez, Sister Landbeck, Me, Sister Neves, Sister Harper, Elder De Cesare

Our day at Troia Beach. (Left to right) Back: Elder Jiminez, Elder Jensen Front: Elder Martinez, Sister Landbeck, Me, Sister Neves, Sister Harper, Elder De Cesare

Sister Landbeck, Sister Neves, Sister Harper, Me

Sister Landbeck, Sister Neves, Sister Harper, Me

Elder De Cesare.

Elder De Cesare.

We had the opportunity to do what I never thought I would do on my mission.  We attended a Pentacostal Church youth scripture study.  We have two investigators Leticia and Damaris that attend this church.  We made a “deal” with them if we went to one of their church events they would come to church with us. So Sister Harper and I went.  It was strange because some of what they were saying was true.  But it just felt off somehow.  It really was amazing though to see the differences between our church and theirs.

Every other Friday here in Setubal we have what is called Frango Friday.  On Frango Friday, a couple from our ward prepares Frango (Chicken) for the missionaries for lunch.  We always eat together at the church.  This week the couple didn’t make it to the supermarket to buy chicken.  So they gave us “monies” (As Irmão Mario says) to buy food instead.  We took ourselves out to lunch at a restaurant that called Kefish.  I ordered lasagna and they served it in what looked like a hollowed out brick.  The serving was huge.  It was really, really, really good!  Lots of cheese!

Frango Friday.

Frango Friday.

Frango Friday.

Frango Friday.

My brick!

My brick!

Kefish. I should point out that the pronunciation of Kefish means (que fixe) which means how cool.

Kefish. I should point out that the pronunciation of Kefish means (que fixe) which means how cool.

Later that night we had a surprise from the other sisters.  When we got home, it appeared to us that they were trying scheming.  But we played along.  The story they were telling was that they had been arguing and they needed us to plan to come home from work the next day.  They were asking us to help them work out their differences.

After a few minutes the charade collapsed.  They told us that they were going to give us a surprise dinner.  They made stroganoff over rice and candy for dessert.  It was probably not as “romantic” as they had envisioned.  But it was fun.

Our lovely dinner!

Our lovely dinner!

On Saturday, I paid tribute to my brother Ian and his bride McKenna who were getting married that day in the Mt. Timpanogos temple.  In honor of their wedding, I wore their colors gray and mint.  I also got all fancied up, sporting a fancy hair braid and make-up. Congrats to my brother Ian and my new sister-in-law McKenna!

My fancy wedding braids.

My fancy wedding braids.

As I have reported the last few posts, we have been struggling to get people to listen to the message that we have come to share.  We decided to have a fast.  Initially, we had planned to fast for some people that the Elders were teaching.  But that baptism didn’t happen.  Sis. Harper and I received the impression that we needed to fast anyway, praying that others would be inspired to come to church and feel the spirit.  We carried through with our commitment and really started inviting as many people as we could.  In the end we had five people in church, 11 in total when combined with those who the Elders had invited.  It was amazing to see how the Lord works.  We even got to teach someone we didn’t expect.  She was a friend of one of the people that the Elders were teaching and she came to church as well.  Both of us were so grateful that we had listened to the spirit.

This week is going to be great! We get to go and play football (American soccer) with the Young Men and Elders today! We are going to have a blast.

Have a great week everybody!


There’s No Party Like A Brazilian Party!

That is because Brazilian Parties have lots of food and everyone talks over one another!


Seriously.  As you can guess, we had the once in a life time opportunity this week.  We went to the Birthday Party of a Brazilian.  We don’t even know the person.  The story begins when we arrive at an appointment at 4:00 p.m. one afternoon last week.  We had an appointment with the mom.  But when we got there, she said that she couldn’t talk right then.  She was getting ready for a surprise party for her daughter.  As usual we always ask when would be a good time to come back.  The mom said, “Why don’t you come back at 8:00 p.m. for the party?”  So we said “What the heck!” and we showed up that evening for the party.  It was awkward at the beginning.  I always show up too early for parties.  But after we had been there about 20 minutes a flood of Brazilians just appeared out of nowhere!

I have never seen anything like it in my life.  We introduced ourselves to so many people.  They started trying to say our names “Seester Mil? OQUEÉISSOGENTE?!” is the way it sounds.  What they are really saying is “O que é isso gente” which directly translated means “What is this people”.  We tried to explain that Sister means Irmã in Portuguese.  And they all started ripping on that saying “Oh sister Brother!”  It was so funny.  One of them thought that we couldn’t speak Portuguese!  He went around saying “Tell them XYZ in English” to everyone.  I was just sad that I didn’t have my camera to send pictures.

Thankfully, I did have my camera for our Night of Ice Cream Activity at the church.  We had music and Ice Cream (of course).  It was just a night of a lot of fun and dancing 🙂

IMG_1988 IMG_1981 IMG_1986 IMG_2013

During district meeting we always play a scripture themed game.  This week we played scripture charades.  It was a lot of fun to see the Elders and Sisters trying their various interpretations of the different scriptures and points of the lessons.  Afterwards, we had a little adventure making Pesto! It’s a type of pasta that is delicious!  We all worked together to make it and then eat it.  🙂  It was a yummy!

IMG_1967 IMG_1957 IMG_1966

Today we are going to visit Trioa for a picnic and building of sandcastles!  Be sure to stay tuned next week for lots of pictures.



Oh How Lovely Was The Morning

Olá tudo mundo!

Two weeks ago Sister Harper and I were taking a power break in the chapel. I wanted to play the piano so I grabbed a hymn book and started playing Que Manha Maravilhosa(Joseph’s Smith’s First Prayer) and an idea popped into my head.  “Sister Mills, you should try and arrange this with all the different languages of your district” (Elder De Cesare speaks Italian and Elder Jimenez speaks Spanish). I had a basic idea for what I wanted in my head but I couldn’t figure out how to work it out completely.  Thankfully, I had the help of my wonderful companion and we figured out how it would work.  The only problem was that Elder Jimenez didn’t want to sing.


But Sister Harper speaks French too so we worked it out!  Sister Harper and I sang the First verse in English, Elder De Cesare and I sang the Second verse in Italian, and then sister harper and Elder De Cesare sang the Third verse in French.  We had a little pause where we spoke the first vision in our different languages.

I saw a pillar of light exactly over my head, above the brightness of the sun, which descended gradually until it fell upon me. Quando la luce stette su di me, io vididue Personaggi il cui splendore e la cui gloria sfidano ogni descrizione, ritti sopra di me nell’aria. L’un d’eux me parla, m’appelant par mon nom, et dit, en me montrant l’autre: Este é Meu FilhoAmado. Ouve-O!

Then we then sang the last verse in Portuguese in three part harmony.

We had the opportunity to sing for our Zone Conference with President Tavares.

Setubal Zone August 2015

It was amazing to feel the spirit so strong and to have that confirming testimony that this church really is true, that Joseph Smith saw Jesus Christ and the Father and that we have the fullness of the gospel restored on the earth! That’s really what makes the difference here, and makes our work worthwhile, to really know that this church is the Church of Jesus Christ.

We had my nine month celebration on Wednesday with our sister training leaders.  I have been out for half my mission.  It was a lot of fun.  I made African Spaghetti!  For some reason it always seems to lack the flavor of the salt and I don’t understand it but it turns out good none the less.

Everything is good here!  Hope you all have a great week 🙂

IMG_1911 IMG_1912 IMG_1914