We are in a drought.

Not literally, but evangelically.  No one wants to talk to us.


We find a few people who have potential.  But other than that we are just out in the heat for hours with little to show for our work.  But I know that really we are making a difference here, even if we can’t see the progress.  Eventually our fruits will be manifest.

In Setúbal, we pass a bull fight arena every day as we are walking to our area.  The name of the arena is the Praça de Touros Carlos Relvas in Setúbal.  In Portugal they call bullfighting “Corrida de Touros.”  Last Saturday they actually brought in some bulls.

Bull Fighting Portuguese Style

Bull Fighting Portuguese Style

Cultural footnote: Portuguese bull fighting is not the same as Spanish bull fighting.  According to the internet, they have a toureiro (like a Spanish toreador).  They have fancy costumes and horses and a group of men called forcados who tackle the bull with their bare hands.  They do not kill the bull in the ring.  http://www.portugaldailyview.com/04-tours/corrida-de-touros-portuguese-style-bullfighting-video.

We had the opportunity to meet President and Sister Tavares last week.  President Tavares is replacing President and Sister Flukiger.

President Tavares is very very humble.  He told us, “I don’t want to replace President Flukiger.  I don’t want you to forget all the work that he’s done.  But I want to add to his legacy in my own way.”  He is very big into family history.  He told us another story about himself and Sister Tavares.  So I thought my brother Ian and his fiancee Kenna were getting married fast.  Sister and President Tavares said that they met while he was on his mission.  He admitted that they they talked but it was never about marriage.  He left the mission before she did.  He told us that he met her at the the airport and they were married 13 days later.  She said it was okay.  They got to know each other better after they were married

I am so excited to serve with President and Sister Tavares.  We want to move this country towards a temple!  They are very Brazilian and it is hilarious.  President kept on using the Brazilian words instead of the Portuguese words.  For example, the word for bus, in Brazilian Portuguese is autobus.  But here in the Portugal it is autocarro.  It was funny to watch him look at the Assistants every time he spoke to make sure he was using the correct Portuguese words.

Corações e beijos. (Hearts and kisses).

Sister Mills


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