Yes. They Do Have The Fourth Of July In Portugal.

We faced a lot of opposition this week.  The week started off really well.  Everything was great.  We had people to talk to.  We were finding interested people.  Then all of a sudden everything just stopped.  The people we contacted didn’t want to talk to us.  The people we were trying to make appointments with turned us down.  We felt bad.


But the big upside was that we really enjoyed celebrating the U.S. Independence Day.  Our celebration was on Saturday the 4th of July.  We invited our three non-American companions to join us.  It was really fun.

My Planner for July 4th


We had music and grilled some cheeseburgers.  Sister Harper and I called the Elders first thing in the morning and sang the Star Spangled Banner.  When we finished Elder De Cesare treated us to his rendition of what we think was the Italian National Anthem.  It was festive.


Our new Mission Presidente (President Tavares) made it to Portugal safely.  I’ll tell you more about him in the weeks to come.  He is making a tour of the mission and we will get to meet him and his wife tomorrow.  I’m really excited.  Tcahu!

IMG_1875 IMG_1876 IMG_1878


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