Happy Hump Day!

Where did the time go!? I feel like I just went into the MTC yesterday! But no.  Nine months have passed!  I am grateful for the opportunities that I’ve had to grow and learn more about our Savior and his infinite love for us.  I’m also grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to meet and be friends with so many people!  Especially my companion Sister Harper.  She has helped me grow and learn so much these last three transfers and I am grateful that she is willing to put up with my craziness.  I love her so much!

Setubal Zone August 2015


This week has been a little like the past couple of weeks, difficult.  But Heavenly Father is being merciful.  This last week he put one or two people in our path who have interest in our message.  It has been amazing to see and feel our Heavenly Father’s love for us and all of His children.  I am glad that he trusts us, as imperfect as we are, to help His teach his children how to unto Him.

We taught in primary this week.


We were asked to teach about the spirit and how it communicates with us.  We decided instead of just talking we would do a little activity.  We asked the kids to sing or talk or make noise.  We planned that Sister Harper would whisper the names of each of the children.  We were thinking that the children would learn that they have to listen closely to hear the spirit.  But our activity backfired.  The kids wouldn’t make noise.  It was really funny.  But we felt loved because when we were done, all of the little girls got up to give us hugs.  It was the cutest.

Missionaries sometimes get involved in craziness.  We were playing the a game called Probability.  The game of Probability is when one person says “What’s the probability that you’ll do such and such?”  Leave it to the Elders.  They always think up something gross.  Then you respond, “The Probability is 1 in 20”.  Then you and your challenger count to three and say a number between 1 and 20.  If you both say the same number, you lose and have to do the challenge.  So this week I played a couple of times with Elder Jensen.   I lost.

“Sister Mills, Qual é a probabilidade que vai tocar “Maria teve um cordeiro pequeno” no piano com tua lingua?” (What is the probability that you will play “Mary had a “Little Lamb” on the piano with your tongue).

“1 a 15”


“5” “5”

With that, I should have learned my lesson and upped the top number to decrease the risk.  But I have been known to take risks when I am challenged.

“Sister Mills qual é a probabilidade que você vai lambar a baixo do sapato do Elder Martinez?” (WHat is the probablity that you will lick the bottom Elder Martinez’s shoe?)

“1 a 20”


“10” “10”

Luckily until now I have not gotten sick.  Let’s hope it stays that way.

Yeah that this week is HAPPY HUMP DAY!!!


Our Sunday Miracle.

This last week we had Zone Conference which is always exciting for me.  I love to associate with the great members of our Zone.  In addition, Sister Harper and I survived one more transfer.  We will be staying together here in Setubal for six more weeks.  I am really excited to keep on working with her here in this gorgeous city.

Our Elders love us enough to use their mystical baking magic skilz to make us browines! "For the best sisters in the Portugal Lisbon Mission.... and also setubal 2"

Our Elders love us enough to use their mystical baking magic skilz to make us browines! “For the best sisters in the Portugal Lisbon Mission…. and also setubal 2”

“Missionaries aren’t supposed to be late for church!”  At least that is what they say.  But, what you hear is true.  These missionaries came late for church last Sunday.  “How so?” you ask?  Let me tell you about our Sunday Miracle.

Before the meetings were set to start, Sister Harper and I went to an investigator’s house to invite her to come with us to church.  We prayed before we knocked on her door.  She was at home but our invitation was not accepted.  It wasn’t going to happen this week.  She couldn’t commit to joining us at church.

But we spent too much time at her house.  By the time we headed out, we realized that we did not leave ourselves enough time to walk to church.  So Sister Harper and I started running.  When we got to the chapel, not only were we were frustrated by being turned down, but we were also exhausted and drenched in sweat, not to mention embarrassed because we were late.

We had missed the opening song and prayer.  Instead, we arrived at church just as the Sacrament was starting.  I don’t know about Sister Harper, but I sure was not feeling the Spirit.  We had had a tough week.  It seems like in the summer, no one wants to talk to you.  We have been working hard.  But we find ourselves still struggling.  I just kept thinking, “Why is everything going wrong?  Why won’t anyone accept our invitations?”  I was supposed to be focused on Christ’s sacrifice.  Instead, I was exasperated.

But Heavenly Father does not forget us.  He loves us.  He blesses us for doing our part.  He did that for Sister Harper and me last Sunday.

At the moment when I was feeling pretty low, one of the ward’s less active members walked into the chapel.  The member had her non-member daughter with her and the non-member daughter had brought a friend with her to church.  We did have a miracle on Sunday.  We had the chance to share the gospel in spite of the fact that our plans did not materialize.

So don’t give up.  Even when things seem difficult, keep on working and hoping and praying.  You just might find yourself in the middle of a miracle.

Sister Mills

We found a house that is really really pink!

We found a house that is really really pink!

In the true Portuguese Spirit, soccer stadium!  GOOOOOOOAL!

In the true Portuguese Spirit, soccer stadium! GOOOOOOOAL!

We are in a drought.

Not literally, but evangelically.  No one wants to talk to us.


We find a few people who have potential.  But other than that we are just out in the heat for hours with little to show for our work.  But I know that really we are making a difference here, even if we can’t see the progress.  Eventually our fruits will be manifest.

In Setúbal, we pass a bull fight arena every day as we are walking to our area.  The name of the arena is the Praça de Touros Carlos Relvas in Setúbal.  In Portugal they call bullfighting “Corrida de Touros.”  Last Saturday they actually brought in some bulls.

Bull Fighting Portuguese Style

Bull Fighting Portuguese Style

Cultural footnote: Portuguese bull fighting is not the same as Spanish bull fighting.  According to the internet, they have a toureiro (like a Spanish toreador).  They have fancy costumes and horses and a group of men called forcados who tackle the bull with their bare hands.  They do not kill the bull in the ring.  http://www.portugaldailyview.com/04-tours/corrida-de-touros-portuguese-style-bullfighting-video.

We had the opportunity to meet President and Sister Tavares last week.  President Tavares is replacing President and Sister Flukiger.

President Tavares is very very humble.  He told us, “I don’t want to replace President Flukiger.  I don’t want you to forget all the work that he’s done.  But I want to add to his legacy in my own way.”  He is very big into family history.  He told us another story about himself and Sister Tavares.  So I thought my brother Ian and his fiancee Kenna were getting married fast.  Sister and President Tavares said that they met while he was on his mission.  He admitted that they they talked but it was never about marriage.  He left the mission before she did.  He told us that he met her at the the airport and they were married 13 days later.  She said it was okay.  They got to know each other better after they were married

I am so excited to serve with President and Sister Tavares.  We want to move this country towards a temple!  They are very Brazilian and it is hilarious.  President kept on using the Brazilian words instead of the Portuguese words.  For example, the word for bus, in Brazilian Portuguese is autobus.  But here in the Portugal it is autocarro.  It was funny to watch him look at the Assistants every time he spoke to make sure he was using the correct Portuguese words.

Corações e beijos. (Hearts and kisses).

Sister Mills

Yes. They Do Have The Fourth Of July In Portugal.

We faced a lot of opposition this week.  The week started off really well.  Everything was great.  We had people to talk to.  We were finding interested people.  Then all of a sudden everything just stopped.  The people we contacted didn’t want to talk to us.  The people we were trying to make appointments with turned us down.  We felt bad.


But the big upside was that we really enjoyed celebrating the U.S. Independence Day.  Our celebration was on Saturday the 4th of July.  We invited our three non-American companions to join us.  It was really fun.

My Planner for July 4th


We had music and grilled some cheeseburgers.  Sister Harper and I called the Elders first thing in the morning and sang the Star Spangled Banner.  When we finished Elder De Cesare treated us to his rendition of what we think was the Italian National Anthem.  It was festive.


Our new Mission Presidente (President Tavares) made it to Portugal safely.  I’ll tell you more about him in the weeks to come.  He is making a tour of the mission and we will get to meet him and his wife tomorrow.  I’m really excited.  Tcahu!

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