42º C Is A Lot Hotter Than It Sounds!

This week has been a blast! Last p-day we got “kidnapped” by the Portuguese version of Bilbo Baggins.


He tried to force feed us all of the food in his house.  He took us to some really cool places and castles.  It was really fun because he speaks English with us and says things like,

“No Funny faces, I’ll beat you up!” when we were taking pictures or

“EAT!” when he is dishing us up a third serving of food or

“You’ve got half an hour” as he tells us to go explore the different places he was showing us.

It was a lot of fun!

IMG_1734 IMG_1828 IMG_1804

Tuesday we had splits with the Sister Training Leaders.  I got to go with Sister Donahoo, who was in the MTC with me for a few weeks.  It was a blast!  I learned a lot from her.


Another fun story.  One of the members of our ward was hosting students from BYU Hawaii.  The students are making a documentary about church members who live in Europe.  The funny thing about it was that one of the girls in the group lived in my ward a long, long, long time ago, McKenzie Tingey.  Just goes to show you how small this world actually is.

Friday we had a ward activity.  We spring cleaned the chapel plus we had a dinner right after.  They had great music and I had to really try to resist the urge to dance like a maniac.  The food was delicious!  And I love squid/octopus!

IMG_1835 IMG_1736

When Sunday came around the BYU Hawaii students were still here so I volunteered my “not so good” translating skills.  Basically my brain shut off halfway through Sacrament meeting.  Luckily we had a returned missionary from Manchester England who stepped in.   They were able to understand him.  I got to help some more during Relief Society.  I felt like I did a lot better third hour.  I found it really hard to change the Portuguese that I understand just fine back into the English that I have now forgotten.  My brain does not work in English well at all.  I felt like I was struggling to form basic English sentences!  Just goes to show you how the Gift of Tongues works.

The downside to this week was that we hit the hot streak 42º C which is about 111ºF *BLEK!* We basically died from heat.  This is normal for Las Vegas.  But as I explained to Sister Harper, we don’t normally leave the house unless we absolutely have to, let alone walk for hours in the blazing heat.  The only plus side to this is that we will sometimes get a little bit of a breeze from the ocean to cool things down.

Tchau!  Boa Semana!


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