Familias, familias, familias…

Over the last couple of weeks, the missionaries each made promises to President Flukiger and to the Lord to be more effective in our work.  Sis. Harper and I made the promise to contact ten families every day.


It’s amazing when you make a commitment to the Lord how the Lord will help us keep our promises to him by putting people in our path.  We stopped and talked with every family we came across even if we were in a hurry and even if they were on the other side of the road.  Sometimes it weirds them out and they were rude.  But I know that the Lord is blessing us in our work.

This week was crazy!  We had district meeting on Tuesday, a service project for an old folks home on Wednesday, Multi-Zone Conference on Friday and Stake Conference on Sunday.  Our week was packed!!

Stake conference was really cool.  Sis. Harper and I got to sing in the choir.  That was fun because I love music and I also got to see all of my friends from Miratejo!

It was really funny.  The top three comments from my friend in Miratejo were “Tu es muito bonita hoje”  (You’re really pretty today.)  “Tu es muito moreno” (You’re really tanned.)  Estas a emagrecer? (Have you lost weight?  The literal translation of this phrase is “Are you skinnying?”  I think you all get the point).  It was really funny to me.  Even Sister Fluckiger commented on my looks.  I honestly have no clue nor do I care.

Today, when I’m done sending this email, we will hang out with our district’s Elders and an investigator of theirs.  The investigator is a tour guide who is going to show us the historic parts of Setubal!  I hope that everyone has an awesome week!  Hopefully more pics next week.


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