The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow!

Basically this week has been rain, rain, rain, a little sun and rain.  Looking on the bright side though all this rain has been good for my allergies.  I have stopped hacking up a lung every time I inhale.


The work moves forward.  We made the effort to have members with us for every one of our confirmed lessons.  Following this counsel has really paid off.  Although some of our lessons fell through, we were able to get closer with the members.  Their testimonies of missionary work have been strengthened.  I would encourage the members everywhere to take the opportunity to go out with the missionaries and preach the gospel.  We have no clue how much of an influence our personal testimony can have on investigators.  When they see that we’re normal human beings and not just robots with a tag and when the members can be there with us, it really makes a difference in the conversion process.

Today we went to the Castelo de São George with eight elders.  It was a little bit cray-cray but really fun.  That’s all I got this week.  Tem um boa semana! (Have a good week)

Love Charlotte


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