Great Weeks Aplenty.

We had a wonderful baptism this Saturday, a grandma and her granddaughter.  Lina and Catarina.  Watching the change in them was really great, as it is will all of our investigators.  Lina had a more difficult time than Catarina because she smoked.  But she won that battle.  The difference is so clear you can see it in their faces.


On preparation day last week we went on an adventure with our elders and the sisters in our house.  First we ate lunch at Pizza Hut (original I know).  Then we went to take pictures with the street that has all of the umbrellas hanging from wires.  After that we went to a fortress/castle thingy.  It was a good day.


We had the opportunity to eat pig ear and nose, it was really not that bad.  Sister Harper was a little squeamish at first but once we tasted it, it turned out to be good 🙂 .


That’s all I got for this week.  Tchau!

IMG_1542 IMG_1561 IMG_1565


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