A Testimony Written In Tire Marks

Well, well, well…. What have we here?  Another week has gone by without anything interesting happening.  Brincadeira! (That is the Portuguese equivalent of “Psych”).

In fact, lots of things happened this week.  One of them is that I have gained a stronger testimony of prayer.  On Thursday I had a stressful situation.

Somehow my planner managed to fall out of my bag.  We looked for about 30 minutes and couldn’t find it.  We back tracked everywhere and it was nowhere to be seen!  A missionary’s planner is her life.  It has her appointments, the names of her contacts and her goals.  In other words, a planner is difficult if not impossible to reconstruct.


We prayed, did another back track and managed to find it.  A man had retrieved it from the middle of the road along with all of my cards.  He saw us and knew it was ours and returned it.  It must have been run over by a car because when I got it back there were the tire marks on the inside pages!  Who knew that a testimony about prayer could be written in a planner with a tire track?  It’s really amazing how much Heavenly Father cares for his children and wants to help them even with small things like a lost planner.

Today was our district p-day.  We took the ferry across Setubal harbor to the tip of the Troia peninsula.



IMG_1481It was a lot of fun.  The Elders planned the day and we all wandered around for a good couple of hours.  Sister Harper and I got a little pink and I got a whole lot of sand in my shoes which was really uncomfortable.

IMG_1502 IMG_1516 IMG_1485

Have a great week.  Tchau!


One thought on “A Testimony Written In Tire Marks

  1. Wel, well, well… I believe a lot of fun that day. Troia is an amazing place. Do you know they have a old Roman village there?


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