Great Weeks Aplenty.

We had a wonderful baptism this Saturday, a grandma and her granddaughter.  Lina and Catarina.  Watching the change in them was really great, as it is will all of our investigators.  Lina had a more difficult time than Catarina because she smoked.  But she won that battle.  The difference is so clear you can see it in their faces.


On preparation day last week we went on an adventure with our elders and the sisters in our house.  First we ate lunch at Pizza Hut (original I know).  Then we went to take pictures with the street that has all of the umbrellas hanging from wires.  After that we went to a fortress/castle thingy.  It was a good day.


We had the opportunity to eat pig ear and nose, it was really not that bad.  Sister Harper was a little squeamish at first but once we tasted it, it turned out to be good 🙂 .


That’s all I got for this week.  Tchau!

IMG_1542 IMG_1561 IMG_1565


And I Thought Vegas Summers Were Bad!

This last week has basically been death…  So hot and humid!  At least back home when the weather turns hot we can stay inside in the nice cold air conditioning.  Over the summer, we only leave the house when it is absolutely necessary.  Do missionaries get to do that? NOPE!  Outside, every day, sun, humidity, and sweat… It got so bad yesterday I had to change clothes halfway through the day!  Gross right?  The one thing that makes it slightly worth it is I am getting such a great tan! (Yes mom I am using sunscreen).

L to R.  Elder Kreutzer, Sis. Mills, Elder Althman, Sis. Harper, Elder, De Cesare & Elder Martinez

L to R. Elder Kreutzer, Sis. Mills, Elder Althman, Sis. Harper, Elder, De Cesare & Elder Martinez

Other than that, this week has been good.  We tried to talk to a man but his friend said “Não, elas são de diabo” (No they’re of the devil).  Then we talked with a different old man.  He wasn’t interested either.  I shook his hand when we were leaving and he said “Adeus amor” (Goodbye love).  Sister Harper and I both started dying.

A  church near the Setubal chapel.

A church near the Setubal chapel.

We also had the opportunity to do divisions with our Sister Training Leaders this week!  Low and behold, my former companion Sister Lewis is one of my STLs.  She is teamed up with Sister Bacon!  It was fun.  I went with Sister Bacon and we got a lot done!  We currently have an investigator that has not been able to go to church because of work.  This last week we fasted so that she would have the courage to talk to the woman she works for so she could change her schedule and get to church.  Our prayers were granted and she made it to church.  We were both so happy!  Today we still have no clue what we’re going to do, but we will spend our p-day with the sisters from our house 🙂 Have a good week everybody!

L to R, Sis. Mills, Sis. Bacon, Sis. Swain, Sis. Harper, Sis. Neves & Sis. Lewis

L to R, Sis. Mills, Sis. Bacon, Sis. Swain, Sis. Harper, Sis. Neves & Sis. Lewis

A Testimony Written In Tire Marks

Well, well, well…. What have we here?  Another week has gone by without anything interesting happening.  Brincadeira! (That is the Portuguese equivalent of “Psych”).

In fact, lots of things happened this week.  One of them is that I have gained a stronger testimony of prayer.  On Thursday I had a stressful situation.

Somehow my planner managed to fall out of my bag.  We looked for about 30 minutes and couldn’t find it.  We back tracked everywhere and it was nowhere to be seen!  A missionary’s planner is her life.  It has her appointments, the names of her contacts and her goals.  In other words, a planner is difficult if not impossible to reconstruct.


We prayed, did another back track and managed to find it.  A man had retrieved it from the middle of the road along with all of my cards.  He saw us and knew it was ours and returned it.  It must have been run over by a car because when I got it back there were the tire marks on the inside pages!  Who knew that a testimony about prayer could be written in a planner with a tire track?  It’s really amazing how much Heavenly Father cares for his children and wants to help them even with small things like a lost planner.

Today was our district p-day.  We took the ferry across Setubal harbor to the tip of the Troia peninsula.



IMG_1481It was a lot of fun.  The Elders planned the day and we all wandered around for a good couple of hours.  Sister Harper and I got a little pink and I got a whole lot of sand in my shoes which was really uncomfortable.

IMG_1502 IMG_1516 IMG_1485

Have a great week.  Tchau!

Noite de Pyjamas


Wow, this week has been crazy and yet so cool!  I didn’t know what to expect moving to a house with three other sisters.  But our apartment has turned into the “Casa de Festa” (party house).  We all get along well and everything is going great.


This week has been so exhausting! We work so hard to try and share the Gospel with the people here in Setubal.  It has been really cool getting to know all of the people here and to help the members throughout the week.

I hit six months this last week.  The Sisters did a little party with candles for me.  It was really sweet.

Sis. Mills, Sis. Swain & Sis. Neves

Sis. Mills, Sis. Swain & Sis. Neves


Last night we had a Noite de Pyjamas (Sleepover).  We just pulled all of our mattresses out of our rooms and stuck them in our study room.  We stayed awake and talked for a long time.  It was a lot of fun.

Sis. Harper, Sis. Mills, Sis. Swain & Sis. Neves

Sis. Harper, Sis. Mills, Sis. Swain & Sis. Neves

This area is really nice.  It is different from my last area.  In Mirateju, there are a lot of tall apartment buildings.  But Setubal has a lot of older buildings which is really cool and it looks awesome 🙂  We had zone meeting last Wednesday which was really fun.  Our Zone leaders are also in our District, Elders Martinez and De Cesare.  The funny thing about Elder Martinez was that he was my District leader for half a week when I first arrived in country.  It’s really cool to be in the same district again.  There are a four of us in the district, Sister Harper, Elder Martinez, Elder DeCesare and I.  It’s a little strange but also cool at the same time.

Elder Martinez

Elder Martinez

Elder De Cesare

Elder De Cesare

This has been a finding week.  Sister Harper and I contacted anyone and everyone on the streets.  Sometimes they accept but most of the time no.  We have a few investigators.  We pray that they will move forward eventually.  But right now they are on a plateau of progress.  Some of our investigators will lose interest and we will probably end up moving on.  But it will all be good.  I know that with the Lord on our side we will find those who are ready to hear and accept our message of joy.

That’s all I got for this week! Tchau!