Apparently Cachupa Is Not For Everyone

It has been an eventful / non-eventful day, non-eventful in the fact that we haven’t done much today, but eventful in that starting at 1:10 a.m., Sister Smith was up every hour throwing up cachupa.  Cachupa is a favorite dish in the Cape Verde Islands.  It is like stew with corn, beans and fish or meat.  Sis. Smith has been nauseous all day.  I just feel bad because cachupa has never made me throw up.  Yes, it has been known to “stay with you”.  But, I still have never had these awful effects.

African Spaghetti

African Spaghetti

On a positive food note, Irmã Luisa taught me how to make African Spaghetti which is pretty delicious!

We were blessed to have the sister Training Leaders with us this week.  As always, it was fun.  We learn so much from other missionaries.

Conference was amazing.  I noticed that a “Theme” of this conference was defending the family.  I know that family is important.  I received a personal revelation through the sessions and I hope those who watched it did too.  Even if you didn’t you still can go back and re-watch it again and again.  It is an opportunity to receive continuing revelations from the living Prophets and Apostles.

There were people in the conference center who voted that they would not sustain the leaders.  Many people are shocked by this.  But President Uchtdorf noted the opposition and moved forward unfazed.  I feel like we need to learn from President Uchtdorf’s example.  While people may oppose our beliefs, we need to continue forward with a steadfastness in Christ, knowing that through him, all things can and will be made possible.  Even though it may be difficult to carry on while the world is ridiculing us, we must with a sound heart that we know that Christ is our Savior.  He has called Prophets and Apostles to guide us through everything.

Lisbon Zone Conference

Lisbon Zone Conference

So hold your head up high and continue forward one foot in front of the other.  Everything will work out in the end.

That’s all I got this week!



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