Spring has arrived!!!! This is the first week I’ve been in Portugal that we could leave the house without tights and a jacket and not be freezing!  It is glorious!!!!  It also means that people get to bring their goats out onto the roadside so they can graze. . .not really!  We just saw some guy with his goats and thought it was funny.

Recently we have been finding people using new pass along cards that are really cool.  The cards have the European Church’s website.  Take a look.


It leads you to the http://countrypage.lds.org/cp.  When you go to the site you’ll see that that it lets you pick from any of the European countries and it gives information about the Church in that country’s language.  It makes contacting semi-easier.  Even if people don’t want to spend much time talking to us, we can share a card with them.  Who knows?  It may lead them to learn more about the church later.

Easter is coming.  We are all ready to start contacting using the #BecauseHeLives cards.  The message is all about the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  We will have cards in Portugese and they will say #PorqueEleVive.  I am so excited to see how this message about Jesus Christ will be accepted by the Portuguese people.  You can learn more by signing up at http://www.mormon.org/easter/teaser.  Be sure to remind people that Jesus Christ lives.

Today we decided to go to Castelo de São Jorge (Castle of St. Jorge).  It was way cool!! And talk about picturesque.

IMG_1119 IMG_1108 IMG_1130

I also got a giant chocolate bar from a member in the ward.  I have no clue why he gave it to me but he just walked up and said “Sister Milies Chocolate”, handed it to me and walked away.


That was kind of funny but not as funny as teaching Portuguese people how to do the cup song.  It was so amusing to see them try to copy the beat.  We showed them but they just got frustrated and started laughing.

Otherwise, it was a pretty uneventful week.  But with spring and pollen I get headaches.  It kinda sucked. (Yes mom I have been drinking enough water).   I got a blessing and we still had a great week.


That’s all I’ve got for now!


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