Christo Rei

Well here we are and we’ve made it to March!  I hit my four month mark and I am now out of training!  Time has flown by so fast, it’s crazy!  I’ve had amazing experiences here!


This week we’ve been teaching Valda.  She is so cool.  I told you a little about her last week.  The Elders taught her all the discussions about a year ago.  But because she couldn’t get off work, she could not come to church.  She changed jobs and we have had the opportunity to help her get to church.  She said again that she wants to be baptized.  We plan on meeting with her today and mark her for baptism for the 14th of March!

Last week, the ward held a funeral service at the chapel.  The service was for a cousin of a ward member.  It was really sad because some of the family members spoke of death and how it was the end.  We hoped to introduce to them the gospel.  But on that day, no one wanted to hear our joyful message that they will see their loved one again.  But we hopefully planted a seed in their hearts that will sprout and grow.

On a happier note we had the chance to go to visit the Cristo Rei statute and do a little Shopping.  Those who know the statue of Christ in Rio de Janeiro recognize this as being patterned after that amazing statue.


We had fun.

That’s all I got this week!


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