Push Forward With Faith

Óla tudo mundo!

Like most weeks we get to the end and it feels like it has gone on forever but not.  Most days it feels like “It’s only Thursday.” while at the same time “It’s Thursday already?!?” But we steadily push forward with faith.


This week was fun.  We had splits with the Sister Training Leaders.  I got to work with Sister Silva, a Portuguese native.  I love spending time with native speakers because it helps me develop my language skills.  I’m not fluent . . . at least not yet.  But I’m working hard every day.  Not only did she help me with my Portuguese, I also got to help her improve her English.  That is always fun.

In addition to spending time with the Sister Training Leaders, we had interviews with President Flukiger.  That is always cool.  He and I talked about how I can improve my teaching and how to work towards completing the qualifications of Mastres de Israel.  We also had some training from the Assistants to the President, the Zone Leaders and Sister Flukiger.  It was a great week all around.

This week we’ve had the opportunity to teach Antonio.  He is the brother of Alexandrina, a member of the ward.  It has been a really frustrating and humbling experience.  Frustrating because he says he knows that what is being taught is true.  However, he is waiting for what he calls a “click” before he will agree to being baptized.


Teaching Antonio has been humbling as well.  He has never learned to read.  Sis. Lewis and I want to help him but we don’t know how best to start.  We’ve offered to help teach him how to read.  But for some reason, he won’t accept our help.  I’m just praying that he will be able to feel his “Click” and understand how his life will improve if he accepts the gospel and learns how to read.

I promise I will have more pictures this next week, as we are going to Cristo Rei today for our preparation-day activity.

Tchau Bom Dia!


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