To Be Made Clean From Sin Is An Amazing Thing

My first baptism happened on Saturday!  I felt like the character from the Lego Movie who runs around yelling “Spaceship!”  But instead of saying “Spaceship” I kept saying “Baptism!!”  in my head all day.


It is really great to see the change that comes to people when they are baptized.  To be made clean from sin is an amazing thing.  On Sunday when Idel was confirmed, his smile was brighter than I had ever seen it before.  It made me feel really happy.


Members sometimes say “Good work with your convert.”  But I know that it is not the missionaries who convert people.  It’s the spirit.  I had nothing to do with his conversion.  But it was amazing to help him find the path that leads to true happiness.  Now all we have to do is help him get to the temple and continue to grow in the gospel!

This week we were able to help Irmã Ção (I spelled it wrong last week) send names to the temple to be added to the Prayer Roll.  It was a lot of fun trying to help her figure out electronics.  Since today was transfer day she made each of us a little crochet basket thingy which was really cute!


Speaking of transfers, this is transfer two.  Sister Lewis and I are still companions 🙂  Yay Miratejo!

This last week I hit my three month mark as a missionary. Wait…what?  I feel like I just got to the MTC yesterday.  But here I am on my second transfer and three months in. Time flies.  But I am so glad to be here in Portugal helping others come closer to Christ.

That’s all I have for this week!

Tchau! Bom Dia!


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