“Deve ser a luz.” (Must be the light.)

Óla mundo! (Hello world!)

Sorry for the short post last week.  We went to the zoo with our district and didn’t have a lot of time to write much.  But I will make up for it this week!  The zoo as a district which was a lot of fun! We saw some animals, took pictures and just hung out.


We also had splits with the sister training leaders in our area.  I worked with Sister Thornley.  We had an amazing time together.  We had the opportunity to teach a woman named Mariana.  She is very quiet and soft spoken which makes understanding her hard.  But we made it through the lesson.  We also went to the building that has a radio playing over the speakers in the building.  We rode the elevator up and down a couple of times just to listen to the music.  It was fun.


Other good news.  We set a date for the baptism of one of our new investigators, Paulo!!!  As Sister Lewis says “High fiving a million angels!!”  He will be baptized on February 7.  I am so excited for him!

We’ve had really strange weather here. . . cloudy and rainy one minute and sunny and warm the next.  It really bugs me because we leave the house prepared for rain and then sun.  Or we are prepared for sun and we get rain.  Weather…

On Thursday we had lunch with one of the members of the ward Irmã São.  She is so great!  She has done so much family history research that she has a notebook full of family members.  She has gone to the temple for most of them.  It’s really cool to see all the work that she had done.  She told us that she has been looking for a record of her grandmother for ten years with no success.  I am praying that she finds her.  One thing that amused me asked her if we could get a picture with her.  I took my picture with her and Sister Lewis.  But every time Sister Lewis tried to take the picture of the two of us it always came out blurry.  After two times of trying to explain why it was coming out blurry, she just said “Deve ser a luz.” (Must be the light.)  We decided to let it go at that.


A couple of days ago, I apparently didn’t have my head on straight. In the middle of the day I decided to say “Boa noite.” (Good night) to a man we had been talking to.  He looked at me like *What is wrong with her*.  After he was gone said Sister Lewis said rather sarcastically and confused “Boa noite?!”  We both just started laughing.  Later that evening, I was trying explain to explain a realization I had by saying “You know if you translated Harry Potter into the Book of Mormon, Always would be Sempre.” After Sister Lewis clarified what I had said, we both started laughing again.

On Sunday I had the opportunity to fake my way through playing two hymns that are only in the Portuguese hymnal.  I had never heard them before.  It was an experience.  I was proud of myself.

That was my week this week, hope yours goes well!


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