Everything’s Better With A Rainbow!

If the group of missionaries that came with me to Portual had arrived in country at any other time of year, we would’ve seen two transfers by now.


But because we arrived just before Christmas, there is no such luck for us.  Our arrival was timed just before a big group of missionaries was scheduled to go home.  However, had the mission stayed on schedule, those missionaries would have been leaving the day before Christmas.  So President Flukiger decided to send them home two weeks early.   What that means for my group and me is that our first transfer was only four weeks long and this one is eight week long.  In other words, there are still two more weeks before our next transfer!

Regretfully, illness is still present.   But this time it’s not me!  The day I got better is the day that Sister Lewis got sick.  Well that’s what you get for living with someone 24/7.

The Secret from U.S. to Metric Conversion

So this week, to help us feel better I decided to make cinnamon roll cookie bars.  The only problem is that my recipe uses US measurements instead of EU measurements for the ingredients.  I didn’t know how to convert the butter to the right measurement.  I asked Sister Lewis, “Sister, how does the conversion of butter work?”  And without missing a beat she said, “Sister did you really forget? We just studied that this morning.  If you don’t teach the butter by the spirit you’re not going to convert it.”

We both started laughing.

GOOD NEWS!! We’ve marked Idell for baptism on January 31!!!!!!!! Yay!  It took us a little bit but he’s making it!

That’s all for this week!

Tchau, Bom Dia!


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