Yay for Illness!

Yes, as the title suggests, I am sick… *Jazz hands*.  It’s just a head cold but it still sucks, because in missionary life you don’t get a break really.  You wake up, study, go out, lunch, go back out, dinner, go out again, go home, plan for the next day and sleep and repeat the next day.   I got a blessing from a set of Elders in our District yesterday which will help.  I feel a little better than the last few days so I know I’m going to be okay.



News this week. . .  We were planning a lesson for one of our investigators.  Sister Lewis and I decided to a practice the lesson that we were going to teach him.  During the practice Sister Lewis started talking about his fear that his family would freak out if he got baptized too soon.  She made a promise that if he would get baptized that his family would follow his example and as soon as she said the words the spirit came in like a tsunami!!  We were both overwhelmed that it was just a practice!  How cool is that!?!  We are praying that it goes that well when we get a chance to give the lesson.

Graffiti War

Graffiti War

Dialogue heard during our Christmas skype home:

-My Dad “Hey, do you know if there’s a military base near where you live?”

-Me “How am I supposed to know?”

-My Dad “Do you see a lot of people in uniform?”

-Me “No.”

So every day since that conversation, Sis. Lewis and I have noticed people in military uniforms.  We were out with a member and saw a group of them and asked,

“Nuno, is there a navy base around here?”

“Sim, lá.” (Yes, there)  He pointed to a couple of buildings on the hill.  Surprise, there is a Navy base in my area.

Lisbon Naval Base

Lisbon Naval Base

Directions from the Chapel to the Front Gate of the Lisbon Naval Base.


Well life goes on here. The work is tiring when you’ve got the sniffles and yet worth it.

Tchau, Bom dia!


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