Wait a second President…. What did you say?!

Our mission is getting split in July?!  Really?!  Yep, that’s right.  We received news last week that in July 2015 our mission is getting split in two: the Porto (north) mission and the Lisbon (south) mission!  It’s really excited and also crazy!  I got called to one mission but I may end up leaving from a different mission.  But, we shall see.

The Sisters in our Zone at the Lisbon Aquarium

The Sisters in our Zone at the Lisbon Aquarium

President also started a new initiative called “Mestres de Israel” (Masters of Israel).  The purpose is to help us become better missionaries.   The parts to it are: wake up at 7:00 a.m., read three pages of the missionary handbook, memorize some scriptures associated with the lessons, practice a point of a lesson twice a day, use all the resources in our planners and make ten contacts per missionary per day.  He wants us to make these items habits.   We will do that by following these principles ever day for 30 days.  If we miss a day, we have to start over on day one.  Sister Lewis and I are on day five.  It has been stressful with the ten contacts each, but it’s getting easier.

Sister Mills at the Lisbon Aquarium.

Sister Mills at the Lisbon Aquarium.


The rules say that we have to go to bed at a certain time and get up at a certain time.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the New Year.  Right?  Sister Lewis and I had a plan.  We set an alarm to wake up at midnight.  We were going to get up and take a selfie and then go back to sleep.  The alarm clock went off at midnight.  But Sister Lewis was so confused.  “Sister, why is this happening?”  “Because, it’s midnight Sister”.  “Do we want to do this now or later?” “Later” I said.  Then we went back to sleep.

Most frustrating was the fact that we had had Zone Conference a day earlier.  To be on time for the conference, we had gotten up an hour early at 6:00 a.m..  We forgot to change the alarm back to 7:00 a.m.!  It wasn’t until we were up and exercising that we realized that we had forgotten to change the alarm.  I heard Sister Lewis yell “Sister, it’s only 6!  We’re going back to bed!!!”  We then promptly went back to sleep for an hour.  No New Year’s selfie.  But what a celebration!

This has been a fun week.  According to at least 3/4 of the people here in Portugal, I look Portuguese.  At least that is how it seems.  People come up to me and start talking lightning fast while I stand there in shock.  They then look to Sister Lewis and ask “Where are you from?”.  The people are surprised that I am from the United States as well.  It’s been interesting.  Another thing I learned is Fast Sundays are universal.  You always get the little kids not wanting to sit still and the sweet little lady getting up to talk about something that happened during the week that has nothing to do with her testimony.  Another thing about Portuguese people that I wish we would adopt in the states.  When an activity is planned, and things don’t go according to plan, nobody freaks out and tries to fix everything.  Instead, they just sit and talk and have a good time.  I really enjoy that.

Well that’s all for this week!
Tchau! Bom Dia!


One thought on “Wait a second President…. What did you say?!

  1. sweet Charlotte (aka Sister Mills), I second the opinion of the Portuguese people that you look Portuguese. Keep up the good work and writing these uplifting messages that you share with us on the other side of the “Pond”. Bonne Année!


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