The days are long but the weeks are short.

I heard someone say that this week and it is so true!  The days feel like they drag on forever and yet here I am at the start of my third week! WHAT?! I know that I still have a lot of time on my mission but it still feels weird that I’ve already been in the country for two weeks.

Well one good thing about living in Portugal is that I am no longer short!  I’m average height! It’s still a strange thing to actually look someone straight in the eye when you’re having a conversation!  Well, when I say “have a conversation”, what I really mean is that they are talking and I am trying to understand and I nod and say “sim” anytime there is a pause


Despite that fact we’ve had some amazing experiences this week!  We have an investigator named Idel who grew up in Cape Verde.  The missionaries taught him all the lessons there.  We tried to invite him to be baptized last week and he said it was too soon.  But come Sunday we talked to him after Church and he said he was ready.  He wants to be baptized on Saturday!!  We have to re-teach him everything because we don’t have his teaching record.  It’s going to be crazy busy.  But it is going to be amazing!

We also had the opportunity to teach a “meu filho da coração” (translated “my son from the heart”) of a sister in our ward.  Oh my goodness is he elect!  His name is Lino and he is so cool.  One of the first questions he asked us is “Why is a mission worth it to you?  What made you want to leave your families for a year and a half to come and live in a foreign country?”   Sister L. and I had the opportunity to testify that the reason we are here is to teach and testify of Christ and to lead others back to his love.  We gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon.  He then told us that he would read it when he was spiritually prepared because he knew that it was a sacred book.  I know that he will be baptized eventually whether it’s while I’m here or when I am gone from the area but I know that it will happen.

Another funny thing happened this week.  We were out contacting people and we stopped a kid on the street gave him a little Christmas card with the site for the “He is the Gift” video (If you haven’t seen it yet I suggest that you do.  HERE is the link.  We asked him his name.  He said his name was Jesus.  We asked if we could meet with him and his family.  He said yes, and we parted ways.  Sister L. turned to me and said in joking way, “Sister, we’re going to baptize Jesus!”  We both busted up laughing.

Then came the time for his appointment.  He wasn’t home but his sister was.  We found out that the whole family had already been taught by other missionaries.  They had a Book of Mormon and agreed to meet with us.  Sister L spoke again.  This time she said “Sister, we’re going to baptize Jesus AND his family!”

On Thursday we had a Mission Conference.  The theme was centered on Jesus Christ.  We had a great time and I got to see a couple of sisters who had left the MTC a few weeks before we did.  Sister L. braided my hair all-cool like!  We also got an awesome district picture before our district leader Elder Martinez was transferred.


It has been a crazy week and I’ve loved it!

Merry Christmas to all my loved ones near and far!

Tchau! Bom Dia!


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