On The Lord’s Time

Oi amigos e Familia!

This week as been a blur!!!


Elder Dallin H. Oaks came for a devotional on Tuesday and Elder David A Bednar came for our Thanksgiving devotional!  It was cool.  Elder Bednar did something unexpected.  He told us that when he was done with his presentation we would be doing a Q&A.  So how is that unexpected you say?  He said that were we going to ask our questions via text message.  He handed out 200 cellphones and asks the people in the crowd to type in questions!  We all had a little difficulty remembering how to text but it was still cool!!  This year for the MTC Thanksgiving project we bagged food for a company that I think is called “Feeding the Children”  It was our goal to beat the bagging record for last year.  We did over 16,000 bags of food.  Not only did it break the records, it felt amazing knowing that while we were helping people who sometimes get only one meal a day.  I wish we could do something like that every week.  But alas!  Our weekly service includes mostly cleaning buildings… something I’ve been doing my whole life practically.

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been here five weeks!!  This time next week the three of us will be on our way.  We received “tentative” travel plans which means, they booked the tickets for us if our visas come in within the week.  But if they don’t come, we will be reassigned state side for however long.  So as of now, whether I will be in Portugal this next week or not is up in the air but we will know by the end of the week.  They didn’t say how long they thought it would be before the visa’s come.  But honestly I’m not worried about it.  I’m supposed to be where I’m supposed to be.  Maybe there is a person here in the states I need to teach before I go to Portugal or maybe there’s something I still need to learn.  This is the Lord’s time and I plan on using how he wants me to and not worry about things that are.

That’s one thing I’ve learned from my time here.  None of us know the Lord’s time frame.  Both of our teachers spent time in the states before their visa’s got in.  Irmao Gray was in Florida for six months and Irma Kimball was in New Jersey for three months.  I’m not worried about it, it will get here when it’s supposed to.

This last week instead of our regular teacher Irma Kimball, we had a substitute named Irmao Rodriguez He served in Portugal.  We asked him if he had much success because we had heard that there weren’t many baptisms in Europe.  He told us to stop thinking like that and that the only way you will get baptisms is if you have faith.  “The field is white and ready for harvest” He told us that there are so many that are ready and willing to hear the gospel and change their lives because of it.  It was a giant slap in the face because I had never heard it like that before and I realized that I needed to change my attitude about it.  He then went on to tell us how he only had two weeks in his entire mission when they didn’t have a baptism.  I am praying for the faith to do the same and help others come unto this amazing gospel.

That’s all I have for this week, it’s gotten to the point where weeks start blurring together and I have no idea what else to say.

Tchau!! Bom Dia!!


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