Month One Done!

Oi Amigos e Familia,

“Sister Mills you only have two weeks left here!”  “Wait, WHAT!?!?!”  It doesn’t feel like I’ve been here for a month!!!  Yet I know that I will be leaving soon.

Wednesday was a whole bunch of fun.  We got to host some of the new sisters coming in.  I happened to host Elder Austin P.’s cousin, Hermana S. which was cool!  It took us a bit to figure out.  But we made the connection eventually.  Hermana S. is going to the same mission as my cousin Hermana Mikell W..


This week has been really strange and yet good.  It was strange only having five people in the classroom . . . but good because we get more one-on-one time with our teachers.  On Sunday, I was called as the Music Coordinator for our branch.  Also on Sunday, I had the opportunity to be in the “Spotlight” during sacrament meeting.  I got to lead the music, give a talk, and say the closing prayer.  The branch presidency has an interesting way to decide who speaks on a given Sunday.  The missionaries in the branch write talks.  Then the branch presidency reads the talks and chooses an elder and a sister to speak.  We don’t know who is speaking until two seconds before it’s about to happen.

I told myself in my head “Sister Mills, you’re leading the music and giving the closing prayer, there is no way they will call on you to give a talk.” Then lo and behold. . . “Our first speaker will be Sister Mills.”

I’ve had some amazing learning experiences this week.  I’ve found that when I teach by the spirit that even though I can’t speak the language it speaks so much more powerfully than when I worry about the Portuguese.  I just have to have my companions continue to tell me that I can do it and to not worry about it.  Because we are teaching, I’m getting better.  When you let the spirit work through you, it makes your lessons go so much more smoothly.  Your say words that are not yours.

One day this week we got to teach our “investigator” Lenir (Irmao G.) and he said “I just can’t believe that God would answer my questions, He’s so big and I’m so small.  I thank him for everything I have but I don’t want to bother Him.”  I had the thought pop into my head “Talk about his dad.”  So I asked “Well you talk with your father right? It’s the same exact thing.  Heavenly Father is the father of our spirits.  He wants to talk to us and answer our questions, even though He is so big.”  He just started smiling and it made me feel really good.

Besides that everything has been pretty quiet.  No one has left.  We haven’t had any random calls to head down to the travel office.  We’re continuing to learn as much as we can but it probably won’t be enough.  I am sure that when we get to Portugal, we will all flounder for the first little bit.  But we’ll make it.

Tchau!! Bom Dia!


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